Dark Side Points
8/7/2017, 11:12 AM
alright I'm going to tell everyone else to pack it up because I found the company I want to work for:
I guess that smalt thing is real???
Use my phone to dispense salt?????
I… I don't know
it's amazing
Its a good thing they disabled comments on youtube for that
Just saying SMALT makes me feel funny
yeah like you're describing something you paid $50 to witness in Tijuana
It's not a comfortable name
I would have said the same about SMEG but they seem to be popular
maybe future peoples will look back on the pre-SMALT era with a mixture of pity and disgust
“I kinda wish Indiegogo had a defunding option where you can contribute to a thing not being built.”
From verge comments
What is SMEG
dude you know what SMEG is
don't front
it's safe
Just go to lemon party and all your questions will be answered